Stickicide 3

Stickicide 3

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This is the third game of the Stickicide series. If you have played the earlier games you will know what to expect from this game. You are right. It is a game filed with bloodshed and gore scenes. However, the violent scenes in the game are not very realistic and that makes the game fine for most people. You will be in control of the stickman featured in the game. The area in which the game play takes place is full of dangers. Interestingly, these dangers are not supposed to be avoided. Rather they are supposed to be embraced. You will be playing the game for high score and you can earn points by getting the stickman in the game killed as often as possible. Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Downloadstreaming Z for Zachariah

Let the stickman in the game go around finding different ways to get killed. You will be earning points for the killing of the stickman.

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  • diamondcolbbert

    why is stick man not working

    18 Mar , 2017 Reply
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